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Privacy Policy

As the lab is a part of the Carleton University, the privacy policies surrounding the collection and use of personal information are governed by the University. 

A brief summary can be found below:

  • This website will not automatically gather your personal information (name, phone number, etc).
    Visitor information may be gathered by the website to give an indication of website traffic; This information could include the internet domain and IP address which was used to access the website. Indirectly, this information could identify you, but is not intentionally gathered for that purpose and this information will not be used to do so. 

  • The information stored from this website will be obtained via voluntary means (i.e. during the sign-up process for members-only access)

  • The information that you submit will be handled according to the Alberta Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act

  • Should you use any form on the website, the information that you share within the form fields may be used to contact you to follow up on the form. 
    The information you provide will not be used to contact you for means other than to respond to you or to notify you of any important information pertaining to the use of the website. The information will not be used to distribute promotional emails. 

  • Any information that is shared with us will be used to respond to you or to allow you to access specific pages of the website. We will not share this information with other parties unless we are granted permission by you, or you provide your consent by submitting a form that contains a disclosure that the information may be passed on to other parties as required.

If you feel as though the your information is not being handled according to the above policies, please contact us and we will join you in determining the appropriate course of action.


If you have submitted a form in the past, or have shared your information with one of our members via other means, and you wish to have your information removed from our database, please contact us and we will remove it for you. Note that this will no longer allow for us to have easy communication with you should you wish to continue to use our services. 

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