Droplet Evaporation


In this study, we present experimental and theoretical analyses of evaporating a double-emulsion drop resting on a substrate. Multistage evaporation of the outer and inner droplet is witnessed. The complete evaporation of the outer drop and the initialization of the inner drop evaporation demonstrate an interesting transition dynamics. After the apparent completion of evaporation of the inner phase of a double-emulsion drop, surprisingly, formation of a daughter droplet is observed. We further investigated to hypothesize this phenomenon and achieved the formation of the daughter droplet for a single-phase drop as well. While engineering the “daughter drop formation” phenomena, we also proposed a way to obtain prolonged fixed contact line evaporation for a single-phase drop.


Heat Pipe Performance Improvements

Our lab is currently investigating the performance of heat pipes. We are interested to see if changing the surface properties or geometries of the heat pipe will have an effect on the overall performance. 

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