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New iSSELab member

Bharath Kattemalalawadi joins iSSELab as a PhD student.

Here is short BIO written by Bharath:

Hi, myself Bharath, an Indian origin. In context to my academic life, I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering in India. Following my graduation, I worked with Triveni Turbines Ltd, (Steam turbine OEM), India, where I worked on Flow path design and calculations of Steam turbines. Having developed a significant interest in the field of Thermal engineering I pursed my Master’s at IIT Bombay with Thermal and Fluids as my specialization. My main subjects of interest include Fluid dynamics, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Heat transfer. As a part of my research at IIT Bombay, under the supervision of Dr. Amit Agrawal I worked extensively in the area of Microfluidics. My research work at IIT includes Experimental and Numerical simulation of flow over textured surface, Micropumps and pressure sensors in microchannels. Following my post-graduation I worked with Mahindra Research Valley – India, an Automobile industry, where I was involved in the area of Aeroacoustics for side mirrors in the field of Computational Fluid dynamics.

As a part of sports activates I watch and also play Table Tennis, Swimming and Cricket. Having interest in Physics I read qualitative books and watch documentaries related to quantum mechanics by Richard Feynman, Michio Kaku and few others. I like to travel to new places and explore the diversity of life.

Welcome again Bharath to our lab!

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