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Droplet Deposition (and Freezing) Under Microgravity Conditions

CAN-RGX Summary:

The recent upsurge in additive manufacturing and 3-D printing has become an alternative solution for numerous on-board challenges. However, little is understood about the behaviour in micro-gravity of the materials involved. Therefore, it is imperative to understand the processes underlying the behaviour of 3-D printing materials in micro-gravity conditions. It is important to analyse and investigate the differences that may alter the entire solidification or crystallization process in reduced gravity conditions. In this project, we will observe a single principal event that dictate 3-D printing, starting from liquid disposal till the crystallization of a liquid on a given substrate. This representative event will be mimicked through jet impingement and drop growth with drop freezing mechanism and, based on the change in the frozen drop shape we can articulate the role of gravity in the perceived phenomenon. Four key observations, with respect to time, will be quantified in this experiment: the spreading of drop, drop growth, solid-liquid solidifying front progress, and the final shape of the solidified drop. The critical component of this experimental setup is deposition of a drop, in reduced gravity, of known volume on a cold substrate that eventually solidifies, such an attempt is the innovative approach compared to the studies performed till date.

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